The Exercise Of Exercising

The only thing easier than deciding on a fitness regime is to fall out of touch with it. However, we know it’s crucial to maintain body weight between the recommended limits (a BMI of 18.5–25) by taking moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity, preferably daily. However, we have all seen our resolve for a healthier life crumble away one too many times. So now, let’s simplify things. Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore that you never get around to. Read on for some simple ways to make an exercise program a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Set aside the time:     

Realistically schedule your work out regime. You know exactly how much time you candedicate in your day to earnestly exercising, and you know exactlythe times of day you are least likely to have to skip on your routine. So, create a feasible schedule that works for you.

Do whatever you want:

Working out works best when you pick an activity that you love doing. Try a fitness class, ride a bike, go for a swim, take up a sport. There are many options to choose from so don’t let yourself get stuck in a fitness routine that you dread!

Be reasonable:

It’s easy to make excuses to not exercise. What you need to do is to find a reason to negate any excuse that you might come up with!Remind yourself of your priority to do something good for yourself, so you only end up cancelling your workout routine only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Get a buddy:

Get your friends and family to join you in your exercise routine. Not only will they provide companionship and even a pleasant distraction while you exercise, they will also be a great motivator on days when you are tempted to skip your exercise routine.

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