The energy to do more of what you love.

  • 56% of Daily Wholegrain requirement
  • 15% of your Daily Fibre requirement
  • Energy equal to 2 phulkas (Rotis)
  • Fibre equal to 1 ¼Apples
  • Protein quantity equal to ½cup cooked Chana Dal
  • 92% Fat Free


¤ Diets rich in whole grains(Oats) & low in total fat, saturated fat & cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart diseases. As part of a balanced diet and accompanied by a healthy & active lifestyle; USDA Dietary Guidelines 2010.
+ USFDA Guidelines.
* National Barley Foods Council.
** Whole Grains and Health : Perspective for Asian Indians.
ǂ Based on 1 Serve (45g) of dry product.
1 Nutritionists recommend 48g daily intake of wholegrain, USDA Dietary Guidelines, 2010.
2,4 Nutrient Requirements & RDA for Indians 2010 (NIN).
3,4,5,+,** Dietary Guidelines for Indians 2011, Nutritive Value of Indian Foods (NIN)